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Thread: Rebuild or replace failing Rtrurbo turbos

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    Rebuild or replace failing Rtrurbo turbos

    One of the many great things about Rturbos is their basis in 993 Turbos, which are built to last. The RUF items in the Rturbo 550 package are also well built, but the turbos themselves live only so long.

    My car got its Rturbo 550 package ten years ago and one of the two turbos is now slow to spool up, indicating failing bearings.

    RAC Performance, who did the conversion ten years ago, typically have turbos rebuilt and I've asked them who currently does that for them. Meanwhile, a Web search turned up Midwest Turbo Connection, who rebuild and balance performance turbos including the popular K24, and I've asked them if they're interested in rebuilding mine.

    To do that, I need to know the actual make and model of the turbos supplied by RUF for the Rturbo 550 package, and I've posed that question to my connection at RUF, but would welcome info from this group.

    Does anyone here have experience to share with rebuilding or replacing turbos in Rturbo 550 cars?

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    I would reach out to RUF directly for the time being to see if they have service options as their K24 turbo housings are proprietary. Also, if you use Facebook then you should join our RUF Gruppe group because you will get quicker responses often times.


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    Thanks, Al.

    I've e-mailed Claudia Müller. who is Estonia Ruf's assistant, asking her for make and model of the turbos in the Rturbo 550 package (which is, of course, for 996 Turbos, not 993s as I mistakenly previously typed) and for any other advice on service for those turbos. No reply yet.

    Thanks for the pointer to RUF Gruppe.

    Meanwhile, I've found several more plausible turbo rebuilders:
    - Majestic Turbo in Irving, Texas ( they've done turbo rebuilds for RAC and Mike there is game to work on turbos from RUF cars;
    - Certified Turbo in Bay Shore, NY ( Joe described plenty of high-performance experience, including better-than-OE rebuilds
    - G-Pop Shop in Springdale, Arkansas ( Jim is a pleasure to deal with and has plenty of hi-po experience, but is booked up several weeks

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