Greetings all again!

In 2004, I had the distinct privilege of becoming a Ruf employee, assisting primarily in the parts department. On its own, a very exciting and thoroughly interesting job. However, on some days, like the day I am here now to share about, this job throttled its way from the idle "thoroughly interesting" to a 7,000 RPM hyperbole-inducing intoxication of boost and expletives.

What began as the start of another normal day on the 2nd floor of the Ruf Parts Department quickly changed for the rather exciting at 10am, when Mr. Ruf himself climbed the stairs to pull me aside, explaining he needed my help ferrying cars in a GT Purely Porsche magazine photo feature. Having lead me out to the parking area, there were four turbo Ruf's parked idling there, one of each era, from 3.4 (neigh 3.3) to 996: The CTR Yellowbird (the one and only), an RCT Evo, the 590 bhp Nardo Rturbo, and a silver CTR 2. I assumed I would just ride with one of the journalists and help out with the very talented photographer Antony Frazer. But, when the three journalists came out, Mr. Ruf suggested that they each drive the RCT, Rturbo, and CTR Yellowbird, leaving me alone with the remaining car to shuttle.

...which meant...


... I was left with the CTR 2.



Those were the words I shouted after carefully getting into the car, being shown the tricky alarm system by Mr. Ruf, and finally after rolling up both windows so as to enable myself some precious, sound-insulated solitude. I couldn't believe, simply could not accept that this reality was correct.

This car was so sexy, bugs chose to do their thing right on top of it.

I could go on all day about the tiniest details of how incomprehensibly awesome this car is. Let's just say this is absolutely definitely without even an infinitesimally, minisculely microscopic shred of a doubt, the single coolest automobile in existence. Remember the Supercar Championship from Gran Turismo 2? CTR2, all the way. Now, I was living the dream!! Just epic.

It's not everyday that four impossibly-rare Ruf turbos show up at your local lunch joint:

The CTR2 is just astonishing. I had a single opportunity to plant my foot into it, and my senses were barely ready for it. Duelling cacophonies of turbocharger behind waged a war of whooshes and whistles upon the application of full welly, an odd but spectacularly pleasing dyametrically-opposed opera, quickly building to full-boost when suddenly, WHAM, a tremendous kick to the head as the torque came on like a battering ram. 3rd gear was finished in an instant, the two wastegates releasing loudly, though they never overlapped in sound; It’s always left, right, left, right… This car, being both very rare and very not mine, had me convinced by fourth gear that exploration beyond was quickly becoming inadvisable. With a sigh, the foot came off it and I did the wise thing, driving slowly and carefully the rest of the day.

It was a genuine privilege to be a part of that day. The memory of the CTR 2’s sound and brutal performance will be with me forever.