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Thread: RUF guy in New Mexico - RCT

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    RUF guy in New Mexico - RCT

    Hello, fellow RUF fanatics. New, proud, and obsessive owner of a RUF RCT... please see photos posted here. I LOVE this car ... are there any RUF rally's to attend in the US?



    1 - Driver front.jpg2 - Driver rear angle.jpg5 - Engine 1.jpg9 - Dash.jpg10 - Rear wheel.jpg

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    I love the color. What's the official color code? We're planning a gathering in Michigan around the 2013 parade time. We'll be sending out more details early in the new year.

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    It's called Amazon Green, have the code on the Cert of Authenticity from Porsche but don't have handy right now. Love that blue on the RTurbo... Thx for info - will keep a watch

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    Kaw, Welcome. Have not been here in a while, but yes, your car is AWESOME! I owned your RCT for about a year and half. The end of 2007 to mid 2009. Wish I still had it. Was an awful lot of fun. Be good to her...

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